Landscapes Collections

My body of work is divided in Collections.

The latest is titled “Nexus Collection”, a series of black and white digital abstract landscapes. They are a sort of chiaroscuro studies, that allowed me to focus better on the use of dark and light, grays, textures and grain. They are the homologous of my previous work Aethēr. It’s the black and white version, my “Silver Period”.

Aethēr Collection” is a colorful series of digital abstract landscapes, highly inspired by my love for old masters such as J.M.W.Turner, a work totally based on light and air, it’s my “Golden Period”. I’m keeping some parallel nature studies as well.

Looking back, the first seeds of these abstract landscapes can be found on the “Dante’s Collection” with Caligo, a stand-alone piece that can be considered a borderline. A rising from the dark and deep waters of Dante’s masterpiece Divine Comedy, Hell, towards new horizons, a return to the surface.

I love to keep exploring new paths. Let’s see where it will lead me…

To be continued…