I’m Francesca Burchianti, an artist based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

I’m a traditional painter, designer, digital artist passionate about computer editing and photography. My favorite subjects are nature and landscapes, because I think that only through nature you can find a reconnection with the cosmos, the universe, the world we live in.

My blog journal is a diary where I post notes about my art journey, experiments and techniques I use, masters I love, books I read, philosophical meditations, museums, gardens and all my passions.

When I’m not playing with brushes or computer, I spend my time reading books rigorously at night trying to learn always something new, or wandering through some of the most beautiful Florence gardens with my tiny veggie basket for lunch. Once, Marcus Tullius Cicero said “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” If you add some colours, I say, it’s done!

My background includes studies at the Art Academy Fondazione Trossi-Uberti in Livorno, where I had the chance to practice drawing and oil painting from life, in the studio and en plein air. This passion led me to study Art History at the University in Pisa.

I also took a degree in Jewellery Design at Le Arti Orafe in Florence, one of the most prestigious European schools. There I could improve my skills on multiple fields such as jewellery history, gemmological analysis, design and watercolour rendering, wax carving and modeling, till creating unique pieces in artisan workshops. After some exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Florence at M.I.A Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato, I had an experience as freelance Jewelry Designer with my personal brand, and a nomination as emerging artist from Vogue Jewelry Magazine at the time.

This is an excerpt from the Catalog of my Exhibition at M.I.A Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato, Giovani e materia, ricerca e tendenza: “… Her activity reaches the top with the creation of her personal brand, with which she signs a series of objects, all unique pieces, micro sculptures or limited editions series. All the jewels are nature inspired, with a pure and synthetic style, avoiding ornamental decorativism. The materials used are mostly white gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, opals, turquoise and pearls, all strictly natural, playing with textures, interior vs exterior, polished vs rough…”.

For what concerns photo, I started my interest first in black and white analogue photography and darkroom, then I switched to computer. For technology I am self-taught. I work on Apple MacBook and iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, mainly with Adobe Photoshop and Fresco, Procreate and other cool apps. I shoot with iPhone.

For any further information about my art, please, contact me with a direct message on Instagram at @frances_burchi and I will glad to help you. Thanks for reading!